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July 12th, 2018

Summer Workshop #2 – Forward Bending

Saturday, July 14    1:00-2:30 p.m.

Forward bends can be a challenge to many of us, especially those with tight hamstrings or tight hips. Common physical patterns, such as overstretched back muscles and rounded shoulders (think sitting in front of a computer for hours) are often exacerbated in forward bending poses when they are done incorrectly. But, there are many benefits to forward bends, both standing and sitting, that can counteract these problems. They create length and space in the spine, relieving compression, and their inward nature can promote introspection. In this 1.5-hour workshop we will focus on eliminating unhealthy forward bending patterns, and discovering new ways of understanding forward bends by utilizing the pelvis. We will start with a discussion of spinal and pelvic anatomy, work through some simple pelvic exercises, and explore the Bikram forward bending postures