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June 10th, 2018

Summer Workshop Series

Join instructors Taylor and Stephanie for a Three-Part Summer Workshop Series!  These are shorter, 1.5 hour focused workshops, with a specific theme, exploring different aspects of the practice.   Workshops are $39 each if purchased in advance, $45 the day of.  You can also purchase all three for $99.  Dates are June 30, July 14, and August 25; and can be purchased at the studio or online.

Summer Workshop #1 – Backbending

Our first workshop (6/30/18)  will focus on backbending.  If you’re like most people, backbends can be quite challenging, emotionally and physically. They are the opposite action of most everyday activities like sitting at a computer, driving, texting, and so on. A good part of why backbends are so healing is that they reverse these habitual motions. They open up space, energize, and restore balance to our bodies and our lives. In this 1.5 hour workshop we will focus on opening up the body, particularly the upper spine and shoulders, to keep you safe and strong in backbends. Starting with a discussion of spinal anatomy and simple stretches, we’ll discuss the important but usually overlooked details on how to access the upper back and how to open the front of the body with care. Then we’ll build on these basics to take you deeper into your backbends. We will work with and practice the Bikram backbending postures, and for those who feel up for it, some more intense backbends.